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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Perfect with coffee


After having to pass by this cafe for a thousand times, we finally got the chance to stop by. Mom and Tina's cafe is always full of people that sometimes even if we wanted to try out their menu, we always end up going home. This time, we got there just in time before it got full.
Dessert was the main agenda. Coffee is already a given. Hubby got a mocha while I wanted the good ol' brewed coffee. The dessert was the hard part. Sugar free or the reglar one? Dark or white? We got the Dark Toblerone Walnut which I did not regret at all. Love it. Love it. Love it. The taste still lingers on my tongue and I sometimes even dream about it and wake up craving for more. Yes. That was it's effect on me. It was like ice cream, mousse, cake, toblerone chocolate all rolled into one. Soft and crunchy and it's not even too sweet. So perfect.

The cafe serves lunch and dinner as well so I guess this will be the next thing to try on our next visit. For now, I'm just lingering on the thought of my heavenly dessert....and I'm so not sharing this right now. Harhar!

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