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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Growling stomach, hidden treasures

Hello world! I'm back! Finally, the sink in our dirty kitchen has ben fixed, our pipelines are clean and new, and my husband is back from his out-of-town trip. Everything is back to normal.

Not beeing able to blog for the past few days was a bit frustrating because I had tons of things to write about. So for my sort of "welcome back" blog, I will be talking about food!

As a post valentines date, Dong and I went out and did what we normally do during special occassions: EAT. Yes, one of the things we enjoy most is trying out different food establishments and determine whether they make it in our list of favorites or never try them again for the rest of our lives (Exaggerating too much here...hehehe). We went to Greenbelt 3 and decided to go to Thousand Cranes Restaurant.

Thousand Cranes is actually a shabu - shabu (Japanese variant of hot pot) restaurant. Their tables allow a group of four people individually cooking their own hot pot. We had Kani salad as our appetizer which is good for two people (unless you really have a big appetite). We liked it because unlike the other Kani salads we've had before, this one had a lot of crabsticks which we totally love. They should have more of the dressing though. I think it was a bit on the dry side considering the amount of proportions.

Kani Salad. P247

For our main dish we ordered Seafood and Australian Lamb shabu - shabu. We loved the Aussie lamb. We were given separate soup base and the shrimps and squids had big proportions that's why one shabu - shabu menu was enough for the two of us.

Seafood and Australian Lamb Menu. P504

It was good food with a reasonable price. Satisfied stomachs went ahead to look for their dessert. Yup...this is not the end of this food trip.

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