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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More than cakes

It may seem that cakes are its specialties, but don't be deceived by its name. Icings as the name may imply actually has more to offer.

After a good 45 minute massage at Big Express Apple Spa at SM Hypermart (I wll blog about this experience separately), my husband and I scouted for a place where we can enjoy a light dinner. Along the entrance strip of SM Ortigas' Hypermart, we found Icings cafe menu to be enticing. A few minutes after browsing the menu, we have decided to have their mushroom soup and Kani clubouse sandwich. To further enjoy our dinner Dong decided to have caffe latte while I ordered their Spanish hot chocolate.

The mushroom soup was good. We have tasted hundreds of mushroom soup and to our humble opinion, this found its way on the top of our list. The chunks of mushroom very well complemented the creamy base and the slice of panini bread. The serving was enough for one person who craves for soup but can be good for sharing as well if you just want a taste of soup before starting with your main course.

After finishing the soup, we got to experience the Kani clubhouse. Yes, I'd say it was an experience because it was like a California Maki on bread. The crabsticks and mango strips I might say did the trick pretty well. It was a perfect light dinner to top the relaxing massage we just had.

I'd say Icings just has to be included in our list of favorites. We definitely will try their other menu next time.

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