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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dedicating our little man

God has always been so good to us. In spite of difficulties, there will always be opportunities where He will show His love and kindness. Two and a half weeks in the hospital equates to quite a sum of money and yet He gave us ways to see through it all. As if that was not enough, we even had some money to spare for our son’s dedication. *Sigh*. How blessed can we get.

Zye was dedicated last December 29, 2007 together with my mom-in-law’s 50th birthday. To add to that double celebration is our first year wedding anniversary. Things could not get better than this. 3 different occasions in one celebration: Celebrating new life, celebrating the fullness of life, celebrating life together.

The dedication ceremony that Pastor Bing prepared was so touching. Like the vows in a wedding, he had us recite an affirmation to Zye. The affirmation had it all: emphasizing our love, responsibility and promises to our son. The grandparents had their share too. They gave their affirmation as well not to Zye though, but to us. They assured their support and the promise that they will respect our decisions as Zye’s parents.

It wasn’t a well attended affair and to think we had a very limited guest list due to budget constrain. But the small turn out was the least of our thoughts that day. We are just happy that Zye have been dedicated to our Lord and we pray that we be able to guide him well in his life’s journey in life.

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