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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Father's day -- a week after

My dad came home after almost four months from his last vacation and of course we were all present as he arrived. Since it was a week after father's day, we decided to just do a post celebration for him. It was a simple, cozy family dinner at the Emerald Garden Restaurant in Manila.

We had a table reserved for us which was a good thing because the place was packed at 7PM as if it was lunch time. Most of the customers were Chinese families which is a given since Emerald Garden is a Chinese restaurant. We sat around a traditional round table setting with tea served as we browse at the menu.

Mamu, Zye and Daduds

We got the Hot and Sour soup to give warmth to our stomach -- or at least have something to start with while our other food choices are being cooked. Unluckily for us, the soup got served after they bought in the Yang Chow fried rice, Sizzling fish fillet and Brocolli.

(Above) Sizzling Fish Fillet

(Above) Yang Chow Fried Rice

(Above- from lower left clockwise) Our Post-Father's day Chinese feast: Hot & Sour soup, Yang Chow, Sizzling Fish fillet, Brocolli, Squid and Beef in Oyster Sauce (Crispy chicken with Lemon sauce still missing)

Inspite of the not-so-nice reception of this one girl (who was forver holding this menu or folder), the service of the waiters were fair enough. The Hot & Sour soup was great, the Yang chow was gigantic. The sizzling fish fillet was savory and was really served sizzling. The Crispy chicken with lemon sauce was a so-so. (I'm still a fan of Big Buddha's Lemon chicken). The beef that we got was not a blockbuster either. The squid was fantastic.

I'd say that for the servings and the number of dishes we got, our bill of Php2000 was reasonable enough. We even had some to take home some of the left overs. Would we go back to Emerald Garden? Yeah, why not.

(From left clockwise): Zye, Verna, Dingdong, Jown, Mamu, Daduds, Owie, Cocoy

Emerald Garden

Roxas1170, Roxas Blvd.Ermita, Manila

Phone Number: 523-8510

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