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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Our pet name for Zye is "Bubba". For the time that he is still learning how to pronounce words well, I'd like to list down what he has translated in his own language. Thus, I call it "Bubbacabulary" =)
(By the way, I am spelling the words the way he pronounces it)
dijuice = Jesus
Papatch = Spongebob
Momok = Moo - moo
Tutay = showtime
O-leyt = chocolate
Lalap = laptop
Pansit = any kind of noodle
Janoyd = John Lloyd
Amol = Elmo
Digo = Ligo (bath)
Babrush = toothbrush
Aski = Kick Buttowski
Ani = Barney
Liliw = Kili-kili (armpit)

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