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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Long hair no more!

Last Sunday, Zye finally had his hair cut! (Or should I say, hubby finally agreed to have Zye's hair cut. Harhar!)

It wasn't in those cute little kid's salon. We were suppose to bring Zye last Saturday at Robinson's Galleria for his first haircut but then hubby didn't want to go there and wanted another mall (simply because we are always in Galleria). We went to Megamall hoping to find a kid's salon but to no avail. We went home and decided to go to Galleria the next day.

Something came up the next day after church so unable to go to Galleria and wanting our son to have his haircut (badly), we just decided to bring him to the salon where we have our haircut. To our delight, we didn't have a hard time. The haircutter was actually pleased that Zye did not cry unlike other babies having their first haircut. Zye was so still probably thinking what was happening but it was a little hard when the back of his hair was being cut because he was ticklish so the haircutter just asked hubby to carry Zye instead of having him sit on the chair.

Now he looks even more handsome (I'm not even close to patronizing here, hahaha!). I haven't gotten a photo of his latest look. I'll probably post them next time. Here are the captured moments of his first haircut.

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