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Friday, October 10, 2008

Round and Round

Our son adores ceiling fans! I'm not sure if it's the circling motion that it creates or the fascination on the fan's design but for whenever he sees one, it will surely make his day brighter.

I have to admit though that more than just the ventilation, ceiling fans can be a great way to spice up the room visually. Craftmade fans can never go wrong because it is designed to blend with all the furnitures that you have at home. I adore this one bronze fan (Midoro) that I think will go exceptionally well with our living room. The city contempo style of the minka aire fans are perfect for the modern homes particularly if you have an industrial theme in one of your rooms. I think it can even be a nice house warming present for a bachelor's pad.

Yes. This is what happens during a rainy Friday morning. Your son's fascination can turn out to an on-line window shopping. I wish I'd get to see a glimpse of the sun today. Otherwise, I'd be drooling over a lot more things the whole day through!

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