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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My multi-tasking phone

My need to organize my life (I'm exaggerating. It's my schedule that's really a mess!) once more brought me to searching for applications which I thought did not really existed.

In a previous post, I have already mentioned that I was able to install a software that allowed me to edit my word documents and excel sheets. After that, I was able to find a dictionary for my phone, a password-protected notepad, and a simple notepad that can be viewed while not on its edit mode.
I already have a bible in my phone, adobe acrobat reader and winzip. Yeah, I know! Is my phone functional or what! I love it. Add to that the great themes that I was able to download the past few days.

For the software of the applications I just mentioned you can click here. Make sure that you choose the correct mobile phone and be cautious enough to read if it is a freeware or a demo version. I am yet to rate them because I have just used them for a couple of days. Give me until next month to have a full review of the software I used.

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