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Monday, September 15, 2008

The gift giving season

I never liked rushing myself whenever shopping. That's mainly the reason why I shop for Christmas gifts as early as August. It's never too early to start preparing for the Christmas season. Besides, I have quite a long list so I really need to get a head start.

It's easy to look for gifts for kids and teenagers. It's quite hard to look for the perfect gift for families especially whenever we are invited to a particular home during the holidays. My husband suggested that instead of the usual gifts we should just look for a good champagne or wine to give to our relatives and family friends so that they can enjoy it while celebrating Christmas or New Year's Eve.

Scouting for the perfect one, I was able to find a selection of champagne gift baskets on the internet. I'm getting the Champagne and Chocolate basket for our relatives while our family friends will get the treat of Champagne and Caviar as our holiday treat for them. I'm still choosing the champagne that I'll be getting for us. I think I'd like to have a good toast before the year ends.

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