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Monday, September 22, 2008


Joanne gave me this tag I think a week ago. I'm doing this in line with my birthday week.

I'm celebrating this Wednesday, September 24.
Color: Baja Blue
Character: Divine, Discerning, Artistic

Color: Cornflower Blue
Character: Romantic, Emotional, Musical
Profile: LOVE is very important to you as is the need to connect with others. You are highly romantic and function best when you are in a healthy relationship. Although you can be emotional, you have a keen mind and a sharp wit. Harmony and a happy home and family hold great comfort for you. Your personal color resonates with clarity. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Cornflower Blue lends discrimination to your ability when choosing partners and close associates.

Let see the colors of Kathycot, Donna and Can.

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theworkingmom said...

Hi Jown! Belated happy birthday!

The 9th edition of the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival is about Birthdays! Wanna join?

Click here for more details.