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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Close Up

I finally had the chance to renew my driver's license a day after my birthday. I just had to post this funny incident. I had my license renewed in the San Juan LTO branch. I cannot go to those LTO centers in malls because I still need to have my name changed (Maiden to Married name).

Each window in the San Juan LTO branch had a microphone/PA system so that they don't need to shout the names of the person that they need to call. Counter 6 is specifically for photo and signature capturing. One of the licensee whose picture was just about to be taken had the unfortunate experience of being corrected by the LTO officer:

Licensee: (standing in front of the window, very near the cam)
LTO Officer: "Ay, atras pa. Atras ka pa. Ang laki ng mukha mo sa monitor"

The LTO Officer said this over the PA system. Everybody laughed. I suddenly forgot how sleepy I was.

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