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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Zye turned 10 months old yesterday. Two more months to go before his first birthday. Wow! To think that last year around this time of the month, I was just 5-months pregnant!
He was on vacation last week. My dad came home for a vacation and naturally wanted to spend time with his grandson. So we let Zye spend one week over his grandparents -- without us. It was a long, dragging week especially for me. It was too lonely now without our son around.
When he came back home his newest trick dawned on us -- clapping all by himself. Yes. Sometimes, he claps even when he is crying. Hahaha. A point of confusion. Or maybe he just wants to make more sounds on top of his cries. He still has no teeth but eats with much gusto as always, sits on his own and lifts himself up when he is able to hold on something. He is learning to walk although he looks more like a drunk man trying to make his walk very straight. Here's to more developments to our son. Hooray!!!

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