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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First time tooter

When Zye was away, I pondered on how I was a mother. Too early to get sentimental? Well it wasn't just because I was missing my son that I thought about this. A part of me felt that I may not be doing my role well as a first time mommy.

During the first four months of our son, I did everything for him: bathed him, changed his nappy, prepared his milk and food -- everything. Even if we hired a nanny for him, I still did everything for our little angel. It was funny because it was when I resigned that I noticed I gave most of the responsibilities to his yaya. I felt guilty. It seemed as if I became to lazy to do the things that I should be doing. I became busy with other things and deprived my son of my time with him.

So now, I am tooting because I'm back in the game and my son is happier than ever. I promised myself that I will be the mom that I used to be and no longer give my responsibility to other people. Cheers to all the other moms and to all their tooting stories today!

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