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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wishlist #4

Second honey is what I have in mind with this wishlist. Another place that I would definitely want to visit is UK. For me, it’s a place that’s just so rich in culture, history and the place just seem to flow with sophistication (that I’m hoping someday, I might have!) I can just imagine viewing the wonderful Palace of Westminster. That would be one of my best days. So now, here I am, figuring out our budget and how I can actually fit this UK travel. And I believe I will get this wish out of my list and into reality because I was able to find cheap hotels in UK .

Yes, you read it right. At first I can’t even believe it myself. I was surfing and looking for London Hotels and I saw a lot of affordable ones that are really lovely. I remembered that my husband has an aunt in Manchester so I looked for Manchester Hotels as well because we'll probably stay for a couple of days.

Our UK itinerary is almost packed. I almost forgot to look for Edinburgh Hotels. I most certainly wouldn't want to miss the majestic Edinburgh Castle. And I would really love to get a snapshot of that one.

The dream is just a click away for me. Schedule shouldn't be a problem because I can find the hotel that I want at the price that I can afford anytime,anywhere.

UK here I come!

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