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Monday, June 23, 2008

Walk this way

Our son's crawling stage has highly elevated to his grab-on-something-and-stand-up mode. It is because of this that hubby and I decided to buy him a walker.

Zye's first two days of his walker encounter was quite frustrating. He'd rather try walking while I hold him. It felt like he didn't want to be there. After that, I figured that the reason he didn't like the walker was because he was not yet aware of how it works. After almost a week, he now knows how to use it to his advantage. Of course, this meant me shouting "No, not there" because he basically goes to places in the house where some piece of cloth is hanging, or to places where there is wood (his recent past time is knocking on wood furnitures, I think he likes it because he hears something).

Later, I will officially be changing his crib to a playpen style for safety reasons. I don't want to take the reason of him standing up then falling down from his crib just because of negligence. A kid with this much energy should never be left alone.

A day spent with Zye can be a very exhausting one. It is very rewarding however because I know that our son is doing good on his development. Right now, I am anxiously waiting for his first tooth to come out.

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