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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Where have you been?

The last two weeks have been a handful. In between playing with my son and putting him to sleep, I've been busy preparing stuff for our church's recently concluded 20th Anniversary held in Tacligan, Oriental Mindoro. Whew! The whole experience was something else. It was exhausting -- physically and mentally. We'd wake up early, sleep late, walk around the resort the whole day to check on things and people. We'd shout our lungs out to call everybody's attention (we forgot the megaphone...huhuhu) and as if being head of the program committee isn't enough, we still have to prepare ourselves for the other activities since we are included in the music ministry.

So am I complaining? No, just giving you a picture of how tired we were for the past couple of weeks and telling you all that the exhaustion was not anywhere near the satisfaction of hearing people say, "Ang saya nung anniversary ng church natin, noh?". The friendships it created, the memories shared by the church members, the thousands of captured moments were enough to wipe away the headaches we had.

I will post a more detailed chronicle of this wonderful adventure in my personal blog. Our son wasn't with us during the event and we missed him more than ever. He turned 7 months last Sunday, May 4. We weren't able to celebrate this day with him since he was already sleeping when we came home.

Celebrating 20 blessed years for S.T.E.M. Celebrating 7 blessed months for Zye. My heart cannot contain the happiness.

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