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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Going somewhere?

Since our son, Zye, is already in his "learning to crawl" stage, we figured we'd buy him a mat so that he'd have more space to practice his crawling. In the beginning he didn't want to move around much. I think he was overwhelmed with the huge space he's got but later on he explored the possibilities of going someplace else. He can now turn faster than the blink of an eye but still struggles to crawl because he doesn't want to use his hands. What he does is that he pushes himself with his legs and his cheeks. You can just imagine how flushed his face becomes whenever he is crawling.

Besides wanting to learn how to crawl, he is figuring well how to open and close his hands fast. He is in awe whenever I teach him to count. He stares at his fingers thinking of how he can actually move them the way I do. He is also trying his best to sit all by himself. We are so proud of his developments considering that he was a premature baby.

God works in wonderful ways indeed.


jan said...

hi jown, i'll also be buying a mat for aqi too. ang likot na nila dba?
ginagawa nilang bulldozer ang mukha and chest nila.

theworkingmom said...

Hahaha! I remember my son was like that when he was much, much younger. Ngayon? Mas mabilis pang tumakbo sa akin!

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Hope you'll join us!


Greg from Make Money Online said...

Enjoy your kids...they grow up fast. My kids were learning how to crawl and now they are graduating high scool. Where has the time gone? The memories are great and watching them mature is the most rewarding aspect of life.