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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mr. Congeniality

If there's one thing that my husband and I are happy about, it's our son being so people-friendly. Even during his first few months in this world, we have observed how he cries whenever he doesn't hear people talking and how a rowdy bunch would put him into sleep. He doesn't get irritated with noise. He loves it when we have visitors and how it amazes us that at an early stage in his life, he finds it amusing to listen to people whenever they are talking (hmm..chismoso? hahaha)

Well, last Sunday, we were thinking of buying him his walker. We were not so sure if it's time to buy him one since he still wobbles whenever sitting. So what we did was let him sit on one and see if he'd be able to sit alone. Unfortunately, we fear that he might end up bashing his head on the walker so we decided to put off the buying until his 8th month. The nicest thing about this experience is that our son found a new friend....

THE LION KING. hehehe...


janet said...

hi jown,

thanks for dropping by my blog.

re: walker - my kids' pediatrician is strongly against walker. so my kids didn't use walker at all... and they were fine in their walking skills development. my son started walking at 13 months, my daughter started at 10 months. you might wanna re-consider or get your son's pediatrician's opinion. - just a thought.

you have a good night!



shoeaholic said...

he sounds like my little boy, too! :) he sleeps well amidst the foodcourt din in lunch hour. hehehe. he sleeps with the telly on and would cry if nobody is around when he wakes up.

btw, pls update my url to: http://shoeaholic.tatapilla.com/