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Friday, April 18, 2008

The growing kid and the sleepy father

Zye just had his check-up yesterday and the third installment of his DPT/Polio vaccine. We were so happy because his developing almost like kids who were born full term. He now weighs 15 lbs and measures 69 cm in height. Thank God because our son had been very well blessed with a healthy body and we believe that like me, he too has a high tolerance when it comes to pain (He doesn't cry too much during his shots. Such a brave little boy!)

Another thing to be grateful is my husband's safety whenever he is driving. Last Monday, Dong had an accident. Unknowingly, Dong fell asleep causing his foot to release the brakes. I said unknowingly because Dong actually thought in his mind that he was awake and was unaware that he was slowly drifting to a temporary state of slumber. Thank God because this didn't happen while he was driving fast, otherwise this would have been a different story all in all. Still very much blessed because the owner of the car he hit was easy to talk to and agreed to course everything through our insurance agency.

God is really good...grabeh!
All the time...shempre!

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