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Friday, March 28, 2008

Movie date on the 30th of May

My favorite girls are back. This time, they are out to conquer the big screen. Give it up for Carrie,Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. YES!!!! You read it right! Sex and the City is officially a movie come May 30th, 2008.
How I truly, truly loved watching SATC when it was still a series in HBO. I would watch it during its timeslot and would even watch the reruns even if I didn't really miss the show. I loved the clothes, the shoes, the twist, the drama, the narration...I loved everything about it.
I cannot however identify myself with one character. I believe that I am all four of them in different ways. I must say though, I find myself thinking through things the way Carrie does.
What was great about SATC is that you grow with the characters. You catch up with what's happening with them as if they were your set of friends. I totally adore the breakfast meetings of the girls and somehow wished that my girlfriends and I actually had that kind of ritual. The bonding was almost perfect, but it doesn't mean it's unrealistic. SATC has become an addiction for most people because it shows you life in a nutshell -- problems, work, struggles, opinions, family, love, heartbreak, sex, lust, faith, friendship, embarassment, laughter, drama.
Will Carrie and Big ever get to exhcange I do's? Will Samantha forever be single? I can't wait to find out.

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