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Monday, February 4, 2008

Zye’s First Quarter

Today, Zye is 4 months old. Amazing how time flies. A few months ago he was so tiny (he was a premature baby) and now I can’t carry him too long because my arms hurt. To celebrate his 4th month, I compiled his first quarter milestones:

1. Big boy now.
From a mere 1.8 kg (3.96 lbs), his check up last January 16 registered him to 5.2 kg (11.44 lbs). I’m excited to see how he will weigh on his next check-up.

2. More than milk.
Zye is no longer limited to the taste of milk and water. His menu now includes calamansi juice! This would mean that soon enough he will start eating solids and that would be another milestone to blog about.

Starting our with 1 ounce of milk....

He now finishes 4 oz every 2 hours!

3. Sights and Sound
Our baby now responds well to different sounds and smiles whenever somebody talks to him. It brings us a great deal of joy hearing him say his goo-goos especially when he imitates the sounds that he hears. It makes everyone crazy whenever he smiles or giggles. It excites us even more to think that soon he will be crawling around.

From just sleeping.....

He now interacts with people...
Stares wildly at the T.V....And makes funny faces...

4. Small no more.
His diaper size chronology: newborn – small – medium. Yes, he is now wearing a medium size diaper. I never thought that being able to buy a medium size diaper would make me feel so proud…I wonder how proud I would feel once my baby can wear briefs!

3 days old Zye in his newborn size nappies

Zye now 4 months old

5. Church is his second home
Maybe it was because I was active in our church’s music ministry when I was conceiving him that made him love hearing praise and worship songs. Why? It’s because whenever praises start, he dozes off! Yup! The banging of the drums and the beat of the music actually puts him to sleep. That’s why we don’t have any problem whenever we have visitors…he loves noises!

Parenthood, no matter how tiring it can get, is so rewarding. You see your fruit growing, learning new things, enjoying life. Seeing our son smile and kick and reach for his toys are worth all the sleepless nights and the hard work.

I so love being a mom.

1 comment:

Mec said...

this post made me a little teary...

first, because it made me appreciate my own little boy's health... secondly, because your boy is proving how babies can thrive if just given the chance... and the right amount of love and nurturing...

congratulations to you and your hubs... he is proof of all the effort you've put in in him :)

oh and yeah... your son is 3 days older than my son :)