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Thursday, February 28, 2008

When writing pays off

I have been into writing way back 1992 and I must say that it has definitely become one of my passions. From poems to short stories to creative writing, I have learned that writing will always be a part of who I am.

So in this age of technolgy where writing can be more than just a hobby, I figured that I can use my skills to write for other people as well. Thus, I am now finding my way to the world of paid blogging.

Searching for different paid blogging sites, I came across
Blogsvertise. I immediately signed up to be one of their registered members. Once my account registration is approved, Blogsvertise will e-mail assigned tasks to me. After the task have been successfully done, Blogsvertise will pay me for the blog entry I've written. Now, isn't that such an easy way to have extra income?

I do hope to get my approval soon. I can't wait to receive my first paid blogging task.

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happy said...

hi there,

how was it? have they emailed you already? i can't register for those pa e. my blog is still new.