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Friends who crossed the line of friendship to discover that we can love more than we thought we can. Brought together by God and have discovered along the way that there is a deeper reason why we are together. Our mission is not to be done individually,but together. This site contains our past and our journey to the future..a sharing of emotions, feelings, thoughts, dreams, fears -- all about our adventures in life.

Friday, February 1, 2008

This is it!!!!

A great way to start 2008. What better way than to have a disclosure policy as my first post for this year!

I have ALWAYS wanted to try paid blogging. This year I WILL TRY it for sure as inspired by a few stories I've read (the one about the LV bag was the one that made me excited about this!) A few more things though that I have to do for this blog.

1. Update my blog. Not that it's outdated, but there are still so much stories that I have to post. Like my labor story, Zye's first, my firsts as a mom and all those stuff.

2. Link friends. I think the best thing about blogging is that you get to meet people in a different way. It's like knowing them all your life even if you haven't really met them. The beauty of blog hopping.

3. Post new pictures. I have tons. This won't be a problem.

I'm on blog fever!

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