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Friday, February 1, 2008

The story of our first born

As promised, this is how it happened...why Zye was born on the 4th of October instead of the 29th of November:

Sept 24, 2007:

It was 5:30 in the morning and I woke up with a discharge of bright red blood. I told hubby about and he immediately told me to send a text message to my OB telling her about my condition. I was told by my OB not to go to work anymore and go on a complete bed rest. Fortunately I was on leave since it was my birthday and I thought I’d have a day off from work. Well, the purpose was not really to enjoy the day but to actually take care of a few important documents that I need. Of course, my itinerary for the day changed completely to a whole day of eating and sleeping.

By 8:30 PM, the only change that happened is that the bright red blood turned into brown. There was still a lot of blood and so hubby and I decided to go to the hospital. My OB told me that I was having contractions (even if I did not feel anything) and that the baby was already at stage zero. (Stage 1 is the start of labor) I was confined that same night. The bleeding had to stop otherwise I may have premature labor. Going to labor was not an option since our baby is only 30 weeks old. He still has a long way to go.

Sept. 27, 2007:
The discharge did not completely go away. I was still experiencing some spotting but my OB already allowed me to go home but to still stay in bed until further advised. She prescribed a handful of medicines and told me to be back for a check-up after a week.

Sept 29, 2007:

12 midnight. I woke up and was about to turn to my right side when I felt that I was soaked in something. I raised my hand only to see it covered with blood. My hubby who was then sleeping soundly woke up to find out that our bed was soaked in blood. He told me not to move and he woke up my mom and they asked help from our neighbors since I had to be carried with the use of a blanket. They did not want to risk having me move around. I, on the other hand, kept my eyes closed waiting for the baby to move and praying to God that he is still okay. Thank God because my baby was still moving normally inside my tummy.

We arrived at the hospital to find out that my cervix was already 3 cm open if the bleeding doesn’t stop, I may need to undergo an emergency CS. I was under observation until the next morning. I was relieved that the medicine to prevent contractions worked and I was advised to stay in the hospital until the baby reaches his 36th week.

Oct.3, 2007:

I was feeling quite uneasy because my tummy felt as if it was contracting even if there was no bleeding and pain. The stiffness of my tummy lasted the whole day. I was feeling optimistic but I was asking our baby to hold still since he is still not yet ready to come out.

Oct. 4, 2007:

At around 1:00 AM my labor pains started. Actually, I wasn’t sure I what I was having was indeed labor pains so I monitored the intensity of the pain and its intervals for one hour. By 2:00 AM, I told my hubby to call the nurses station and report to them that I was having labor pains. This time I was bleeding too much again and my already ordered that I will undergo CS by 6:00 AM.

7:24 AM when they took Zye out of my womb and I already heard him crying so loud. Thank you Lord...our baby was okay. He didn't even have to be in an incubator. He was strong and healthy. It was the biggest blessing for this year. The miracle of life -- our baby boy Zye. It turned out I had placenta previa but was not detected in the ultrasound because the placenta’s tail was tucked behind Zye’s back.

Is that a story or what? Well it was quite an experience. But it was all worth it when I saw our baby. Now, I'm enjoying motherhood -- the sleepless nights, the changing of diaper, the figuring out why baby is crying, the thousands of photos stored in our laptop --- I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything else.

Cheers to all the moms who underwent (and will undergo) labor. Kudos as well to the dads who stood by there side every step of the way.

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