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Friday, February 15, 2008

The perfect ending

Today was my last day as an employee. Not that I actually planned it, but this was the highlight of my resignation day:


In an internal messaging application, my team mates thought of going down (our office is located on the 36th floor) to buy some snacks. I told them I wasn’t going to buy but I will be coming with them to break the monotony of sitting in front of the computer. Six of us went down and was the only people in the elevator until we reached the 34th floor (or 33rd, I’m not so sure). There was about 8 or so people who got in the elevator so naturally we were a bit packed during the ride. I was in the corner of the elevator, almost leaning towards the control buttons. Upon reaching the ground floor, the elevator opened. First to get off were the 34th floor people. While people were unloading, my pinky finger was pushing the button nearest to it.

ME: Thank you for coming, mam, sir. (Wearing a smile from ear to ear. Of course I was saying this line to my team mates, joking around)

[Elevator door was closing. The last person from the 34th floor people was in the middle of the door]

ME: (Still smiling looking at my team mates, then looked at the closing door, wondering. Pinky finger still on the button)
TEAM MATES: [Pushing another button]
ME: [Sudden realization…]
TEAM MATES: (Almost in chorus) “Ate Jown! Close button yung napindot mo!!!!

:: Yup. It happened. As witnessed by Petitt, Mark G., Goldie, Val and Erl. ::

EDI Map Dev 2005 (Office Blessing)

EDI Map Dev 2006(Caylabne Team Building)
So this is my farewell piece to my loving EDI mapping family (the mappers, qa, and analysts, Sir Bong, Miss Anne, Miss Jing, Miss Pen, Sir Tolits, Miss Thina and Miss Malou…I hope I’m not missing anybody ). Being with you guys was just like the story above – hilarious, crazy, fun, packed, most of all, unforgettable.

And as the famous OPM goes…

“You will always be a special memory.”

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david.edward said...

hay,.. nakakamiss ang dati nating team.. iyong tayo tayo lang.. :(