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Monday, May 25, 2015

Now Showing: The adventures of school girl Zoe - A prelude

We were late for the first day of summer class. Bummer. So my little girl had to be seated all the way at the back of the classroom which was her big challenge. She was listening intently, so focused, observing things around her. I was a little distant from where she was seated but she wasn't restless even if I wasn't beside her so I knew she could be left alone. *Sigh* Now I am beginning to be sentimental blogging about our daughter's first school experience.

She stood in front of the class to be introduced. Stood up and went to the teacher without hesitation. There were singing and dancing but she didn't do much of those, merely watching. (She practiced the steps when she got home though so I guess she was watching and memorizing the steps) She was so excited when it was time to color and did the task quietly.

In a nutshell, today's first day was indeed a success! Tomorrow, parents and guardians are no longer allowed inside the room so go ahead and wish us luck!

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