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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sizzling lunch

I love those laid back Sunday afternoons when it's just me and my two boys strolling to the malls after church. I totally enjoy our family lunches where we go and look for what our taste buds are looking for.

Our encounter with Sizzling Pepper Steak happened during one of those kinds of afternoon. Two Sundays ago, we happened to pass-by this food place and thought, "Let's give it a try"

It was a bit of an experience. The food attendant gave us the menu and asked us if we knew about their style of ordering. We said no and they walked us through it. You get an order slip, you personally check the order you want. If it's not in the main menu, you have to write it down on a certain part of the order slip. Once you are ready to order, you turn the sign on your table to "green" which means you are ready to give your order.

The sizzlin' pepper steak experience

While waiting for our order, one of the crew (too bad I can't remember his name) prepared our table with the utensils that we would be needing. My husband and I liked his service because he was like observing us and went to our table whenever we seem to need something. His service level was totally amazing.

Kani Pasta

My plate

Our order did not take forever -- another great thing. We had chowder for our little guy who kept saying "Mommy, soup" We had their fries which came with some sort of gravy. Tasty and the sauce did give a different twist to the good ol' fries. We also had the kani creamy pasta -- and I totally adored it. Not too salty but not bland at all. It was perfect with the Diablo hamburg (one of their sizzling specialties) that we also had. And must I say that their steak did live up to the "sizzling" name it had. That is why their sizzling plates comes with a paper cover to make sure it doesn't hit you. You know how those sizzlers get crazy.

Diablo Hamburg

Finishing the meal with our bottomless iced tea, we asked for our bill and almost to my surprise, the price was reasonable for the delightful meal we had. The whole experience was less than Php800 and we went away with satisfaction -- both with the food and the service.

My mouth is watering as I end this. Yum, yum!

Sizzlin' Pepper Steak @ the 4th level of Robinson's Galleria

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