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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Milk Please?

Zye was still sleeping when I went to the bathroom. I knew that he has in deep sleep because my husband kissed him goodbye before leaving the house but he did not move a bit.

When I was almost done with my bath, I heard sobs of a little boy. I wasn't quite sure until I heard him saying repeatedly the word mommy. After a few seconds, the voice sounded clearer and someone was attempting to open the bathroom door. I wrapped the towel and hurriedly reached for the door. As it openned I saw Zye crying and saying, "Mommy, milk" in the most "kawawawa" face.

Apparently, he was crying for milk and neither the yaya nor my mom heard him. He was crying but cried even harder when his yaya gave the milk, probably communicating that he's a bit mad nobody heard him. Poor kiddo.

Good thing that "Wonder pets" was on TV. He stopped crying and just finished his milk while watching Ming-Ming. Hooray for the wonder pets!

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