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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The man in our lives

"A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society." -- Billy Graham, Christian Evangelist

I agree with what Billy Graham said. Fathers are usually behind the scene. They speak less frequently but has the final say on things. They work hard to provide for his family but is not so visible in the household unlike moms who are all over the place once we get home. In today's society, a father's presence is unseen as their need to provide well drives them to another country, a thousand miles from their family.

And so as this day ends, I'd like to give a blog page to my unsung heroes: my top three fathers in this world.

DADUDS: The great provider, the giver, my king.

My ultimate, true-blooded, birth father. My sister and I call him daddy. Due to a time in our life when I was about 4 years old, life was really financially hard for us. Dad gambled the need to be with us so that he can give us a better future. So we grew up with tons of love letters (email was not a thing of our generation), narrating to him what happened in school, how we are, what we are busy with. He goes home every two years and we splurge into going to all the great places with our father. He is a great poet. We have seen his letters to mom and they were truly romantic. He is quite a fighter in the sense that he will fight for what is right. Yet he doesn't base what he is fighting for on pure emotions. He always thinks things thru. He doesn't see people on how they look, or on their status in life. He sees their heart and their motives. He believes in the goodness of people. And I loved him for that. I guess that's where my tolerance for people came from. He prays everyday : for our family, for our individual success. Loving, faithful, a man of faith, wise. My dad, Cel.
Daduds, Zye and Mamu

DHE: My soulmate, the love of my life, my prince.

The guy who hated me during the first time we met. The guy who became my friend after he has overcome his first impression of me. The guy whom I married after four years of wonderful friendship, amazing food trips and a lot of movies (three times a week of movies for the record). As I have said, he is a complete package. And when we decided to become parents, he was with me every step of the way: from pregnancy to hospitalization to giving birth to changing diapers -- well you get the picture. A man with a soft heart but with strong beliefs. His love for me and Zye sometimes pushes him to worry too much. But I adore that about him. He was God's instrument to me so that my faith can be rooted to the truth. My bestfriend, my lover, my happily ever after. My husband, Dingdong.

Dhe, Zye and Mhe

DADSKI. Supportive, a spiritual adviser, my legal father.

No. I was not adopted. He is my legal father because he is my father-in-law. I am blessed to belong to a family who is almost like a mirror of our family in almost everything. And with that, I am happy that I got an additional father figure to pray and wish us well. He manages to pull-out of hard situations and be able to deliver a good preaching out of it. A basketball addict just like my husband that even at his age (more than 50 years old; I'm not telling the exact age) he still gets into a game with his boys. He goes for the good of the family and the good for the church and has lived a life as a good testimony of his faith. A coach and my favorite preacher. My father-in-law, Galo.

Dadski, Zye and Mamski



***Honoring all the fathers in the world. For your dedication to each of your families.***

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