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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Confessions of a misis - part 1


That's the number of days that I have been married, according to our wedding announcer counter.

1274 days after our blissful exchange of "I do's", 1274 nights of sleeping in the arms of this hunk whose charm has swept the feet of so many "wannabes" but was head over heels in love with me. (This is my blog. I have every right to say what I wanna say.)

Amazing how the days simply pass by. Numbers can really help you figure out what your life has been. It can reflect what you have not yet accomplished and it will prove how you have unwittingly surpassed all the tomorrows that did not look too bright yesterday.

On that premise, allow me to evaluate myself on how I have been as a misis (Filipino of Mrs. i.e. wife). I honestly hope that as the number of our married days increases, this blog can remind me of what I should continue doing, what I should improve and of course what I should stop doing at all.

I must say that this is an ultimate requirement once you have sworn yourself to misishood. Husbands are meant to be spoiled -- in the nicest essence of the word. I mean they are the main providers of the household. Even if the misis is working, the responsibility of bringing enough money to provide for the househould lies in the hands of the father. So as a misis, I have to exert a little extra effort in pampering my husband. Below are some of the things that I remember doing for my better half on top of the regular cooking, cleaning, washing stuff that misis are often branded with:

- Back massage (Use scented oils to make it more special)
- Spice up our meals by making a fancy dinner table (Plating is the key)
- Prepare the things that he needs for work the night before
- Tidy up his closet
- Shine his shoes (Most especially when you know he has a big day ahead)
- Send him a text message saying "May God bless your work and your day! I love you"
- Slip a short note in his wallet
- Prepare him a good lunch
- Offer coffee after his meal (He loves this especially while just capping the night off)
- Give him a kiss while sleeping (Honestly, mu husband does this more =D )
- Give him a foot spa
- Cover him with blanket and hug him tight during cold nights
- Pray well for him always
- cook up surprises especially during his birthday
- when he is driving on a terrible pay day Friday night, give him a good hug while you are stuck in traffic.

*To be continued*
(NOTE: If you would like to add your own list, please feel free to leave your comments so I can add it up somewhere in between my confession series. Thank you!)

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