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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Being a Robinson

Having a kid led me to a great exposure of things -- that includes Disney channel. And how thankful I am for those Disney movies that are just full of positivity that can boost your morale at any time of the day.

This afternoon I was again accompanied by the movie "Meet the Robinsons" and I so love it. It made me teary eyed knowing that Lewis craved so much for a family that he almost made it define what he wanted in his life. But the truth is, people, events, places, status, does not make us. We are the captains of our souls.

And so what really struck me most is the mantra of Cornelius: "Keep moving forward" After 57 times of still not being able to perfect the machine he so dreamed of, he never stopped. He moved on, being more passionate than the last time, and knowing in his mind that the next trial will get him to his goals.

That is what this life is all about. It's about genuine FAITH. Being sure of what is uncertain and hoping for the great things that are yet to come. You just got to know that life always goes on and so you really need to keep moving forward. The road is up ahead. The end of the rainbow is someplace in front of you. There is no reason for us to keep going back to the past. And much more there is no excuse for us to stay stagnant. We just got to, as the Robinson's would say, KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

Today's moral lesson: Anything can be a channel to learn something.

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tnapay said...

and doesn't rob thomas' song make you cry too? i still shed a tear each time i listen to it. {{kakakilabot - in a + sorta way}}