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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Little drummer boy

Yesterday at Toy Kingdom:

Dhe: "Bili natin si Zye ng matibay na basketball court"

("Let's buy Zye a good basketball court")

Mhe: "Sige, pumili ka na"

("Okay, you choose")

**On our way to the counter, we saw a little drum set fit for 3yrs old and above.Hubby and I glanced at each other**

Mhe: "Di ko kaya bilhin ng sabay. Isa lang muna"

("I can't afford to buy both. We have to choose one"

Dhe: talking to Zye "Bubba, which one do you want? This one (pointing at the basketball court) or this one (pointing at the drumset)?"

Zye: "This one (points at the drumset)"

**And the rest is history**


Rocks said...

he's so cute lalo na with the drum set :) sana sis he'll grow up making music for God :)

jaja said...

huwaw! gosh! alam mo ba? i live on this saying na "lahat ng dummer cute!" until now proven parin yun... ang cute ni baby! pede na isali sa pinoy dream academy ^^