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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Water baby

This is Zye's first swimming experience...and how happy we are that he loved it....really, really, loved it!

We didn't want him to take a dip because he woke up very late and the weather wasn't too inviting (althought it was a hotspring so the water's temperature wouldn't be a problem) but he wanted to wade so hubby allowed him to stay by the pool side to have his feet touch the water. Unfortunately, his shorts got wet and the water was splashing all over him so we decided that they (father and son) both go for a dip.

And the rest is so history. He didn't want to get out of the pool anymore. After taking a shower, he probable got tired of waving his hand while he was in the pool so he dozed off and was actually dreaming that he was still in the water (yes, waving his hand while asleep).

I'll upload the video soon so that I can have it posted here.

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