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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here I go again...

My husband and I just watched Max Payne a few hours ago. I'm not going to review the movie because it didn't really create a big, lasting impact in my head although I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a part two of it. I thought Mark Wahlberg is turning out like a Nicolas Cage type but my husband was right, I think he is trying to be more like a Bruce Willis kind.

So what I would really want to talk about are the films whose trailers I saw and liked. First on my list of movies to watch out for is Disney's "Bolt". I love the plot that Bolt (oh, the lead character is a dog by the way) thought that his whole life was for real when the truth is he is just playing a role in this TV thing. Next on my list is Brad Pitt's "The Curious case of Benjamin Button". Honestly, I would just like to know how this movie will end seeing that Benjamin's life was backward in a different sense. Laslty, (but I'm not yet decided on this one) is "Twilight" which I think is a love story with magic or something else. The trailer was kind of short so I didn't really get to absorb if the characters were supernatural or something else.

So does this mean I'm back to my addiction? Hmmm...yes, I am in deep thought.


Note: I now know that "Twilight" is a lovestory between a teenage girl and a vampire. There. I honestly thought he was a werewolf during the trailer.

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