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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The truth about love

The thing about being married is that I am now licensed to talk about intimacy more openly. It may sound funny but coming from such a conservative background made me feel as if it is actually a sin to talk about sex.

Why in the world am I talking about this? Because a friend of mine (I will not even dare write her name) met up with me last weekend to talk about things that has been bothering her. It seems as if she is experiencing some kind of problem with her husband. So I was thinking the usual problems that I hear from married friends: husband always coming home late, too much time with friends, immaturity. It was none of the things I mentioned. Apparently, they've been having intimacy problems because her husband can't get it up most of the times.

Yes, in a more medical term, her husband has is experiencing erectile dysfunction. Knowing how positive my friend is, she wasn't disheartened upon learning her husband's condition. She just ecncouraged him to talk it out with a doctor and maybe he can get a prescription to help him out. Unfortunately, the first round of medication did not do him good. Her husband is already getting frustrated but I do have to give credit to his effort because he still went to the doctor to try out another one. If I remember it right, he was given Cialis this time. He went home full of hope, not wanting to fail the second time around.

Good for them because my friend called me up to tell me the good news that the prescribed medicine given to help out her husband worked and she has never seen him so happy. That's the least to say because my friend was just as happy. The tension has eased up and she now gets better sleep knowing that they now have the chance to have their own family.

I think this is one piece of good news. I am happy that I never had to be in such a situation. But this story has proven that even if sex can sometimes be overrated (or under rated in some cases) it still is an important factor in keeping your marriage more solid. That and some other things as well.

The wonders of science. Fascinating, isn't it?

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