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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One with nature

As a child, I grew up knowing the importance of plants mainly because I have poor lungs and it is only in the presence of plants that I actually breathe better.

The ironic thing is that we live in a condominium unit adjacent to the busy streets of the city. My mother, however, is wise enough to put as much outdoor planters along our corridor that almost resembles a small garden. Our home cannot be without plants too so we have a great collection of decorative planters to harmonize with the lovely flowers that my mom had lovingly nourished.

Now that I have my own family it saddens me that, unlike my mother, I cannot put up my own mini-garden due to my very hectic schedule. At the very least, we have a tabletop planter that somehow draws us to a more relaxing state after a hard day's work.

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