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Friday, August 29, 2008

I need an upgrade!

A few months ago, Cinemax was no longer part of our cable subscription fee. If we wanted it back we're supposed to pay an additional amount. After that incident, Discovery Channel was no where in sight. The same reason. We have to pay more than what we are currently paying for just to enjoy more channels.

That's not yet the end of my cable story. For the past six months we have been dealing with an intermittent signal if no signal at all due to so many repairs being done by the company. I need Direct TV! I want my money's worth and I want to watch a decent program if that's not too much to ask!

My dad was right. I should have just gotten directtv just like he did. He always boasts how his satellite t.v. delivers the best quality as far as reception is concerned. And he always complains that our cable has so limited channels compared to his directv. I thought he was just teasing me but now I better do something about this before I lose my sanity.

And to think I am such a couch potato!

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