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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Tagged by Jan. I loved this because it allowed be to go back to memory lane once more (Yeah, I'm a sentimental fool) Thanks Jan!

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Here's my share of picture:

Zye was only a week old when this picture was taken. He was so tiny since he was a preemie baby and went out of my womb a month and a half earlier than his due date. I chose this because this reminds me of my initiation to motherhood: the sleepless nights, the frequent nursing, the changing of diaper. I was in the process of making Zye burp when this picture was taken. But now, it looks like I'm sleeping on my job. Harhar.

Let's see what captured moment Jade, Eds and Issa will share.

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Points of View said...

wow! sooooo cute! CONGRATS!