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Thursday, April 3, 2008

A shop of my own

The one major goal that my husband and I have is to retire at the age of 45. So as early as now, we are planning our game plan on how to be able to have our money work for us.

When we were still dating, we ventured on selling different merchandise such as cosmetics, wallet, accessories, food items, bottled water and the list goes on. That experience made us realize that we do have a future in this kind of business. Having picked the nature of the business we want, the next step is how to increase our market. No doubt that the internet world is the best place to advertise and sell products. It gives buyers the convenience of having to just browse on the things that they need or want without having to go to the store. The thing is we don’t know where to begin. I mean we have the idea of having our own site, posting the products and the prices, including a shopping cart and have all the transactions in the click of the mouse but we honestly don’t have a clue on how we can put all of these ideas into a real thing.

I browsed, surfed, researched and finally found out that there is a shopping cart software. I learned this when I came across Ashop Commerce which actually hosts ecommerce software that will definitely help out starting entrepreneurs like us. I was so happy to have come across Ashop because they have exactly what we need: a shopping cart software that need not be installed, easy to understand and use and more importantly very reasonably priced. You can customize your shopping cart in anyway you like it. I’m thinking of having ours in a funky, trendy way. Oh well, I’ll just check out with their support team. I bet they have tons of great advice regarding any question I have in mind.

With business partners such as Ashop, my retirement age may even be sooner. I can’t wait to get started!

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