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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Of ancient times

Hi. I am Jown. And I was a movie addict.

My husband and I were movie addicts...but the addiction slowly lessened since last year. Maybe it was the pregnancy, maybe it was because we're now so eager to go home every night to see or son. But we use to watch three movies every week -- be it local or foreign films, drama, comedy, horror, suspense, fantasy, action, whatever suits our mood -- and for us nothing beats watching a film on the widescreen.

Not that we don't watch movies anymore, it's just that now, we actually choose which film we'd like to see best on the widescreen. Last week, we went out for a movie date to see 10,000 B.C.

The title would probably make you think of things such as tribal, ancient, jungle, beasts or prehistoric languages. Well, those are exactly our thoughts. So the movie started right as far as our imagination is concerned. There were people belonging to a tribe and costumes were definitely thousands of years ago. But then the actors started talking in English and we were quite surprised because we had our minds set that there will be a lot of reading during the film because of subtitles. It was good though because we can actually concentrate on watching the film itself. Some parts were narrated making you feel as if it was sort of documentary.

The film's first part will make you think it's about being a warrior or how people survived in the old times. As the plot builds, your theories will be challenged because there weren't much fighting scenes. It was in the middle part that you will realize that 10,000 B.C. is more of lovestory that happened thousands of years ago. It's a lovestory disguised as a prehistoric action/suspense film.

Yes. It was about love. It was about a guy no very liked in his tribe, falling in love and going after the one whom his heart desired. He battled the wild animals, the scorching sun, the steep mountains and went across the vast water to bring back home his one true love. In his journey towards his great love, he found his own courage, learned to believe in his abilities and led people from different tribes to rise above the slavery and fight for their own lives.

Dramatic? It was a bit of that. The quest was successful but the movie wasn't quite a hit for me and my husband. We should have watched Vantage Point instead.

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