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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Bee encounter

Last Sunday, March 9, 2008, Zye attended his first birthday party. Dong and I were excited as well because it was the first kid's party that we got invited to since we have become parents. Of course, our son won't be able to enjoy the whole experience but the sight of balloons, kids running around, party hats and banners were enough to make our baby boy kick and squeak.

I'm ready to party!

What's that Tita Owie???

Cool!!!!!! Where's the Disney Channel?

While waiting for the party to start, Zye and my sister Owie were playing around. Dong and I on the other hand were busy taking pictures of Zye. The games started and Zye was still bus in his own little world, oblivious to his environment simply enjoying his Tita Owie's T.V. phone. We were looking forward to Zye's reaction when Jollibee comes in. Will he cry? Will he laugh? Will he stare blankly and wonder why this creature is bigger than everyone else. We were about to find out. Unfortunately, before the big happy Bee arrived, Zye snoozed out. I think his excitement exhausted him too much. Oh well, better luck next time.

My sister, Owie, Me, Dong, Birthday girl Anne, Zye and Anne's mom, Buena

Party pooper...hehehe.

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ev said...

ang cuuute nya!sarap i-hug!;0)