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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Priority One

Our life changed a lot when Zye was born. Our priorities certainly changed since he came out. Below is a list of the things that changed the most in our life before and after Zye's birth:

BEFORE: Check out sureseats.com for the latest movies
AFTER: Check out babycenter.com for updates on baby's growth

BEFORE: What am I going to buy this pay day?
AFTER: When is the next time that I should buy milk and diaper?

BEFORE: Starbucks coffee whenever I want.
AFTER: Buy NAN1 milk 900g every 10 days.

BEFORE: Sleep late. Wake up late. Especially during Saturdays.
AFTER: Sleep when Zye is sleeping. Wake up when Zye starts crying.

To my hubby whenever he fetches me from work:
BEFORE: "Malling tayo!" ("Let's go malling")
AFTER: "Uwi na tayo, miss ko na si baby" ("Let's go home. I miss our baby.")

BEFORE: Wedding Monthsary.
AFTER: Zye's monthly birthday

BEFORE: Listening to Chico and Del's Morning rush
AFTER: Listening to different kid's songs and nursery rhymes
(I love you, you love me, we're a happy family...)

BEFORE: Shopping of bags, shoes and clothes during mall wide sale
AFTER: Buying something for Zye whenever I pass by the mall

My usual answer to the question "How are you?"
BEFORE: "Okay naman. Enjoying married life"
AFTER: "Okay naman. Eto naku ang bilis lumaki na ni Zye!" (Okay. Zye's growing up so fast!)

And these are just some of my Before and After stuff. There are still a lot that I probable just don’t remember right now. I bet this same list will change once Zye is already a year old. Oh well, until then….

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