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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

All about a heart-warming message

Sometime ago, I received this message from a highschool friend. In an edited form, it goes:

"..the other day I was cleaning up my mess when i found a letter you gave me..actually it was just a poem you gave me...
Love is never giving up
no matter how painful it has been
it is living to the fullest with a smile,
learning how to accept the feeling of losing someone
who doesn't even know you exist.
hmmm..I just realized after seeing that letter I actually learned how to live and love because of that poem..Salamat. I miss you and i miss highschool...but i am enjoying life right now!!!!"

I was teary-eyed by the end of the message. It wasn't just a feel-good message. It was a testimony. It's a kind of message that I never expected because all along I thought my poems were just chronicles of what has happened during the past. It was only then that I realized my poems meant a new found hope for others.
My heart jumped for joy knowing my words taught someone to live and love. It was an accomplishment learning that someone is enjoying life because I shared my view on love and how to deal with the ghost of having to love someone without waiting for anything in return.


Call me sentimental, call it whatever you want. But it was soul-satisfying having thanked for because you have "saved" someone from the misery of life. Here's my message to her:


I thank God because my simple act of giving you a poem turned out to be a long-time advise to help you live your life to the fullest. I thank you because your appreciation has made me even more thankful for my gift of words.

You were always a strong person. I knew that even without the poem, you could have gone through life smoothly. I weaved those words into a poem to push you to the edge of your limits and make you realize that you can even be stronger than you think. I succeeded. Now, you are enjoying life without the heavy burden in your heart and with the knowledge that any encounter with love -- painful or not -- is designed to make us love more, live more.

It would be great to see you and everyone from highschool again. But at the moment, I am satisfied with the thought that you are HAPPY. And I hope the same goes to the whole Bunch family as well. :)

Love you always,
Mommy Bunch

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